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June 10, 2020
- by
Beatriz Lorenzo

When I got an email from our Studio Manager inviting the whole company to join in a chat to virtually celebrate what would have been our annual visit to Clerkenwell's showrooms, I was in awe. What a great opportunity it would be to do a little bit of research on recent market launches and also find out what had inspired my colleagues recently. 

A few minutes after, I came across the beautiful image below on Durat's website. The way the colours are mixed together, resembling Terrazzo but in a modern and cool way, made me fall in love with their new collection. Durat Palace solid surface uses natural pigments, contains 30% recycled post industrial waste plastic and is 100% recyclable, making me want even more to use it in one of my next projects.

And just to prove the synergy of our design team, Heidi's chosen material was Terrazzo! Maybe the fact it is one of the trending materials for 2020 might have influenced both of us a little but the truth is it is such a beautiful material that I am not surprised. Heidi mentioned how it makes her think of holidays and relaxation and her creative mind quickly put her in a beach lying on a sun bed made of Terrazzo and shaped to fit her body perfectly with a Gin & Tonic in her hand and good music in the background. What bliss!

Daniel always finds the most innovative and exciting solutions so I was really looking forward to seeing what he was going to show us. Link chains! He had mentioned it to me before and I wasn't totally sold on the idea but this time he found Kriskadecor and presented lovely photos of their case studies. I would never have imagined link chains featuring in luxury projects and was very impressed with how versatile it is: dividing rooms, creating feature panels, disguising dull facades... The possibilities are almost infinite.

To counterbalance what can be a simple and cost-effective option to bring an interesting flair to a project, he went over the top and presented us with a bit of high end technology. Smart Glass is what the company calls "immediate privacy on demand": a film that with the click of a button becomes opaque. It not only guarantees visual privacy but also sound reduction and works as a screen allowing HD projection.

Now the prize of the most useful product for our current working from home situation goes to Helmfon Noise-Canceling Helmet, smartly curated by Lucy. It is literally a huge helmet that you wear and not only blocks the sound from the outside but also blocks any sound generated inside it. The perfect gadget for all of us working at our dining tables sitting next to a loud partner on the phone or with screaming kids running around. Sadly it is just a prototype but I bet the manufacturer has already got a long waiting list for when it is launched.

There were lots of other cool things shown during our event and here are some that I believe are worth mentioning: Kristoff's visit to the stone and marble show in Verona, Jo's idea of parking an old aircraft in her garden to turn it into a home office and Peter's collection of teddy bears from his childhood - I won't say for how long he's been keeping them as i wouldn’t want to give away his age. Hint….they are definitely a couple of decades older than me!

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Written By Interior Designer at Cirkularis8 Beatriz Lorenzo

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