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The realities of home working

April 30, 2020
I’ve lost count of the times that I’ve wished there were more hours in the day, that I had more time, that I could work from home more. Ring any bells? Well, be careful what you wish for! 

What we certainly didn’t want, or wish for, was a global pandemic and the loss of so many lives that has forced us to stay at home indefinitely.  Our days are filled with advice, tips and guidance from (so-called) experts that it’s enough to turn off the TV - almost! 

Anyway, here we are, at home. With our families. ALL the time. Now, some of us have too much time. I hasten to add that unfortunately, I’m not one of those people. I for one, am desperate to get back to normal working conditions - if just for a rest! 

I have a husband and 2 teenage boys, who range from 6ft 1 to 6ft 4 and have appetites to match. I always knew they had - to put it politely - healthy appetites but I wasn’t here to witness it 24/7.  What I now realise is that when they were at school, or out with friends they must have been eating God knows what, from God knows where. Honestly - the sheer volume, they’re insatiable!

My sons are the main perpetrators (although the husband has his moments) but the one silver lining is that they love to sleep and sleep, until lunchtime if left alone. One meal down! Once they’re up though they more than make up for lost time and the feeding frenzy begins. A sandwich doesn’t cut it now apparently. Why? Because Mum’s at home. 

2pm. Lunch service over and I make my way back to my ‘office’ (the lounge or bedroom) and carry on working. 

3pm. After 3 weeks they have it down to a fine art. As soon as they know I’m safely ensconced on a zoom (other providers are available) meeting or call, I hear the fridge door opening, the rustle of crisp packets or the creak of the emergency (I’m kidding we already had one) chest freezer being pried open. It’s like a game of cat and mouse and I’m finding myself becoming more and more devious; packets of biscuits in my underwear drawer, cakes in their school bag (absolutely no chance of them looking in there) and yesterday I hid the last Magnum inside a bag of petit pois! This is what it’s come to. I don’t want it,  but  I’m damned if they’re going to have it. Little victories….

I ‘cleverly’ left the Easter eggs in the boot of the car. That was an own goal. I forgot all about them until around 5pm on the sunny Easter Friday. Larger losses….

These fun and games are repeated after the dinner service too, and the foraging continues long after I’ve given up and gone to bed. According to Alfie - my 17 year old - night owl, eating after midnight doesn’t count as it’s tomorrow!?! I have absolutely no idea where he gets it from.

Ok, I do. 

I work for a diverse, forward thinking company and I’m among the lucky number in the UK  that have not been furloughed and I’m extremely grateful for this. But I admit that I am slightly envious of friends and acquaintances posting pictures of their newly organised wardrobes or DIY endeavours. All the things we never had time to do are now within reach, we literally have nothing better to do.

Anyone who knows me well, will attest that I am not a naturally organised individual. 

Huge understatement.

So, over the long Easter weekend, armed with my new found knowledge gleaned from 2 episodes of ‘Tidying up with Marie Kondo’ I rolled up my sleeves, took a deep breath and embarked on my quest; to keep only that which ‘sparked joy’ and to show gratitude to that which I needed to discard.

3 days, 17 bin bags and 3 tall male family members later…..What? I said thank you.. 

It won’t stay tidy for long so I’ve ordered a new poster to put above my desk

It reads;

If a cluttered desk

is a sign

of a cluttered mind,

of what then,

is an empty desk

a sign?

- Albert Einsten

Thank you Albert, that sentiment definitely sparks joy!

My top tips for the lockdown

1) Don’t hide chocolate in your car boot

2)Make sure all biscuits in your underwear drawer are secure (crumbs are a nightmare…)

3)Choose your battles

by SarahJane Kujawinski Sales & Marketing at Cirkularis8

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