Why are we here? The hint is in the name.

<<Cirkular Design>> means never leaving our clients behind.

Our frustration is the foundation for our being. in the last 20 years, we’ve seen it time and time again that clients are forgotten once their project is over. Once they’ve moved into their new space no one is there to help them ‘bed in’. In the current market, you’re a client up until you’re not a client, then it’s over.
Not with us.

Moving into your new space is just the beginning.

Design is about having the right questions. If you meet the prophet on the street with all the answers, the so-called expert, cross the street. We seek first to understand you, to find out what makes you tick. Then we formulate questions, and we leave room for more questions on the back of answers you have.

Our proven track record in helping our clients understand themselves better than they thought is what makes us get up every day.


The iPhone turned 10 years old this year.
Sure, Snake II was a fun game, but there’s a bigger need today, and a bigger need will exist tomorrow. Buying the 'it' look for your fitout today is an almost certain guarantee that it will be irrelevant tomorrow.

We are at our best when you and your team debate amongst yourselves. There is no better way to make sure we’re getting it all than when we create a challenge for you.

And why do we do that instead of chase style and fashion? Because the world is changing. Right before our eyes.

Edible plastic-less water bottles? That’s not the future. That’s already today.

Please don’t think for a second that today’s solutions will work for tomorrow. Even worse, yesterday’s solutions which barely apply for today will certainly not suit tomorrow.

Design is about listening and applying.

When you join us, it’s for the whole journey, not just go live.

confident in your future proud of who you are and will be Better By Design

What do we do?

We are designers and contractors. In that order.

We don’t separate the two. We don’t forgo design unless we have a strong partnership with your design team.
And we never hand over your build to someone else, unless there’s a strong partnership. A big part of making sure your design is maintained and preserved is having total control. We are with you right the way through.

We give you:

// Risk-Free Approach // Cost Transparency // Excellent Space.

People moving offices or refurbishing their existing space come to us for an experience, not just a design.

All we need is to:

// Do Good Work // Have Fun // Make Money

Simple. We can’t pick and mix, there needs to be all three in both what we give you and what we need. Once all of those are met, we can say for certain you will be thrilled with your new office.

It’s an experience we can replicate so we know it works.

It results in a strong relationship making the cirkularity of it natural.

Its a relationship that’s:

Better By Design

How do we do it? Ah. The secret sauce.

We have an 8-stage process that is tried and tested. It works every time while producing radically different results each time.

Book an appointment and we’ll talk about it.

There’s no better way than to meet and discuss your needs.

We can’t talk about the process without involving you so you can see the value. We never let someone leave that introduction without getting that value.

So call us today and see how you can get not only what you want out of your offices, but how you can get what you need. There’s nothing like it because it’s:

Better by Design

Kristoff Dubose


// Raised in Texas
// Educated in New York
// London Career

Kristoff left Texas in the 90’s to study Architecture at Pratt institute in New York. One thing he’s often asked is which city does he prefer, New York or London? It’s a tough question because they’re both great cities, but catch him at the right moment and he’ll share his insight. Kristoff began his career in the late 90’s on home extensions for the absurdly wealthy set in Rye and Manhasset. But on September 11th, 2001 everything changed. He accepted an offer at Mancini Duffy and began his career in commercial interiors. In 2004, he went on holiday in London and caught the bug. Pushing everything to the curb in New York he packed his bags and moved to London in 2005 with nothing more than an offer from Gensler and a few good friends he’d made.

Once at Gensler, Kristoff’s career took off. After developing a growth prediction & space needs model for Lehman Brothers that was rolled out across Europe, Kristoff built a deep network of operatives and professionals that he is still close with to this day. There is not a market on the continent Kristoff isn’t connected to with just a few phone calls. One morning in Geneva, Kristoff saw a Lehman Brothers VP play-down the sub-prime crisis in such a way that Kristoff knew the game was soon going to be up. He then switched studios within Gensler to develop Apple stores across the UK. A few years later his old client filed Chapter 11 but he barely noticed because he was working day and night to service an voracious client and an aggressive roll-out programme. Then he was approached by Hakkasan to handle their new London location in Mayfair. If you’ve ever been to the Bruton Street location, as well as any Apple store, you will see and feel the genesis of Kristoff’s #stairobsession.

Only after the recession was deepened by the financial crisis, some of Kristoff’s clients started going to the Design and Build sector for their projects. They even called it their ‘Post-Lehman’s development strategy.’ With this, Kristoff jumped over to what his colleagues would then call the ‘dark side’. In 2013 he began his career in the Design and Build sector. His unrelenting dedication to his clients didn’t always mix well with the hard-nosed commercial drivers of his employers. So he moved to different contractors on average once a year holding several different titles, even a sales role. Some were confused by this, others saw it as market research. Even though Kristoff moved often, his clients came with him and stayed loyal. After four years of ‘market research’, Kristoff identified a major gap. And it is that gap that is raison d’etre of Cirkularis8.

Loving what he does, Kristoff brings passion and intensity to every project and every client. You can see their recommendations on LinkedIn. You can go to their places of business and hear it for yourself. And Kristoff never leaves his clients behind. Not ever. Design is not a department with Kristoff. Design is a mindset. With Cirkularis8 the constant commitment to improving and learning and growing is in the very DNA. The design mindset leads to some wonderful outcomes! That’s why we’re:

Better by Design

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